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Illuminate Your Lifestyle: Seamless Smart Home Lighting Control for Effortless Ambiance and Energy Efficiency.

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Multi Device Control

Streamline and simplify your living experience with the benefits of a single-device lighting smart home control, offering effortless convenience and efficient management for a seamlessly integrated and personalized lighting environment.


Smart Lighting Keypad

Enjoy the utmost convenience and aesthetic control in your living space with the benefits of a single in-wall keypad lighting control, providing a sleek and centralized solution for effortless customization and management of your home lighting.


Control 4 Smart Home App

Experience unparalleled convenience and personalization in illuminating your space with the Control4 Smart Lighting App control, offering seamless accessibility and effortless customization for a smarter and more connected home environment.


Lighting Custom Scenes

Effortlessly crafting dynamic atmospheres with lighting scenes, allowing you to set the perfect mood and ambiance for any occasion in your home.

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